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Exam Procedures


Every patient visit begins with the gathering and review of a comprehensive medical and social history.

Many eye problems can be related to medications we take and systemic medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition, many of the most severe eye conditions tend to be hereditary so a complete family history is extremely valuable to obtain. Lastly, our social activities can play a key role in how to optimize our visual performance and how our eyes work together


Refraction is the process of determining the most precise prescription possible for any visual aids that may assist in daily activities. This may include single vision glasses for distance, near or computer ranges, glasses that provide clear vision at both near and far simultaneously or contact lenses.

These common vision problems are what bring most patients to our eye doctor in Frederick and Gaithersburg, MD.


The most important part of the eye exam is to ensure that your eyes are healthy and not at a risk to develop any possible vision threatening conditions. Dr Gertz will examine all of the anterior structures in the front of the eyes as well as the posterior structures of the back of the eye.

Some of the most common medical eye conditions to be ruled out include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic and hypertension retinopathy.


At the conclusion of every patient encounter all examination results will be explained and reviewed with the patient and or guardian. Any recommendations, treatment options or referrals will be clearly explained to ensure that each V.eye.P. patient receives the same V.eye.P. Eyecare.


Dr. Gertz is proud to offer all V.eye.P. patients the ability to further monitor the long-term health of their eyes with our Kowa retina camera and Matrix visual field tester.

The ability to capture a digital photograph of the back of the eye and compare these photos over the course of many years has provided eye doctors with a huge advancement in the way we can monitor their patients. The Kowa retina camera offers one of the most advanced retina image taking and storing system available.

The Humphreys matrix visual field tester is an extremely valuable tool used to monitor and detect any peripheral vision problems or blind spots that may be present. Many eye diseases can affect our side vision long before our central vision often causing patients to not realize that there may be a problem